Label text and not only...

I try to exlpain with my bad english…
I start my program and i choose to open a txt file. I put the line of stream in a textfield series. If necessary i edit text and then i save for next time with OK button.
OK button open a new window and close the first.
At this time, in this window while is opening i need to put the text in a new textfield or label series. I have to use the windows with other purpose and i don’t need to edit this text.
Which the best way?
I don’t want to use getopenfolderitem… maybe getfolderitem only???
I’ve tried to put value in module properties but mismacht error (string text and so on) and maybe is not the best way.
Thanks a lot

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Let me see if I understand right :

1 - In the first window, you load a text, edit it in a textarea, then click OK.
2 - OK closes the first window and opens a new one where you want to see your text again.

You do not need to load the file again. Using a module property should work fine. It is not even necessary. You can copy the text from one textarea to the other with such a code in the button as :

Window2.TextArea.Text = TextArea1.Text

is that what you want to do ?

I try immediatly… u undestood right…
thanks a lot

This is the second time u save me… with your precision…
I’ve read your words… changed a bit for what i need in my code… and done.
Really thanks
Ciao ciao