Label MouseUp Event Clarification

Greetings all,

I just downloaded Xojo and am exploring a few things. The docs for the MouseUp event state…

However, it appears the mouse cursor does not have to be released within the control’s bounds in order to trigger the event. Instead, it seems that as long as the MouseDown occurred within the control’s bounds, the MouseUp will fire, and the X/Y arguments indicate the position of the mouse relative to the control’s top left corner at the time the mouse is released (even if it’s released outside the control’s bounds).

I’m just wondering if my observation is correct or if I’m missing something.



That’s not what is written for MouseUp in the Language Reference: Page Not Found — Xojo documentation

Where did you see this description so I can get it updated?

It looks like it came from the Label.MouseUp documentation rather than the generic MouseUp documentation.

Yes, that’s exactly where I got it. Since I was using a Label, I went directly to the docs for that specific control.

Thanks for the clarification, Paul.


Thanks. I have updated Label.MouseUp.