Label containerControl

I started to create a container control that includes just a label and textbox. After I place the container control on a window, I want to be able to change the label text at design time. I figured out how add a property and code for the textbox so I could retrieve that value. I can not get the label to change at design time.

I am using xojo 2107r3 on windows 7.

Is there a way to change the label at design time (in the container control)?

If you’re accessing the container from its parent or such, you need to use

containerName.labelName.text = "Some text"

If you’re changing it from inside the container, just omit ‘containerName’

If you change it in the original ContainerControl the IDE will update your instance of it.
Assuming you’re using a property in the inspector and an Open event to update the Label, there is no way to get live design-time previews of that.