Label bug

Some parts are missing in the inspector in the 2014 release 1; control set, focus control, font, database binding.

Left picture 2013 4.1, right picture 2014 1.0

2013 release 4.1 2014 release 1

They have been moved to the second page (click on the gear icon).

Read the Xojo: blog (Posted March 11, 2014 by Paul Lefebvre) :wink:
IDE Improvements in Xojo 2014 Release 1

YES!!! Stupid me! Now I recall. Pfff.

Don’t blame yourself, blame the silly gear icon.

It’s a little game. With each new release, Xojo Inc. obfuscates the IDE in some subtle way and we have to try to find it. Keeps us from complacency.

It’s an easter egg, not a bug…

Who’s the bunny ?

To add to that, it seems a lot more logical if Xojo replaces the icons with ‘1’ and ‘2’.