KVM Switch

Can anyone recommend a KVM switch for HDMI & USB?
Only requires 2 computers to share an HDMI screen and a usb hub with keyboard,mouse & headset plugged in.

Lots out there - just interested in personal recommendations.


I’ve not used a KVM in a few years, I think that one was a belkin, I would NOT recommend that one :slight_smile:

Another option you might not have seen or considered is a software KMV.

An alternative if your monitor has a second input is to try https://symless.com/synergy for seamless sharing of keyboard and mouse across multiple computers. It works best with a separate monitor for each machine, but if you have an alternate input into your monitor you could give it a try. Also, if you monitor has Picture In Picture (PIP) or Picture By Picture (PBP) you could get both screens up at the same time and move the mouse seamlessly between them. If you go this route you also get the added features of copy+paste between the machines, drag and drop etc. Its very slick indeed.

Of course if you’re sharing your devices between your PC and a non-macos/win/linux machine like a cctv system or something then this wont work.

If you don’t mind the graphics fidelity and refresh rate of the 2nd machine (i.e. you just use it to build/code etc. and not game or do heavy graphics work on) give https://www.realvnc.com/ a try.

A few options that you might not have heard about/considered that could turn out a little cheaper and more useful than a KVM.

Been using IOGEAR KVM at work for a couple of years now and it has performed very well IOGEAR KVM

@JulianS I actually use NoMachine at the moment, and that works quite well. Both that and VNC have annoying slowdowns periodically, especially when building GUIs on whatever machine I’m remotely logged in to. I tried someone else’s KVN and it was a joy to use in comparison which is what got me thinking, though his one was VGA and not HDMI.

@brian franco That looks OK, and a sensibleish price, too.

@JulianS An alternative if your monitor has a second input is to try Synergy - Share one mouse & keyboard across computers | Keyboard mouse monitor switch

My laptop (one of the computers I want to share) does have an HDMI output for a second screen, and my monitor can take two inputs. I shall look at that, too.


Aten has great KVM for datacenters, but also small ones, suppose the quality of these is the same of the big ones. You can check this: http://www.aten.com/global/en/products/kvm/cable-kvm-switches/cs692/

Yeah been looking at that but I’d never heard of them before. Reviews of their stuff in general look ok, and that’s the cheapest one so far.

This is usually the sticking point for me
** PC keyboard combinations emulate Mac keyboards. Mac keyboards work only with their own computers.
So I have 2 real keyboards and mice and multi-input monitors so I can use a PC keyboard on my PC and the Mac keyboard on my Mac
Sometimes its just absolutely required

and yeah a desk big enough to accommodate me having 2 real keyboards & mice + several monitors all at once
36" wide x 50" long

I use Linux as my main desktop and I have a Windows laptop, no Mac in sight, so if I read that right that doesn’t really apply to me.

Lucky you… :slight_smile:

I made the desk so dimensions were entirely my choice
Cheap (2 sheets of 3/4 plywood) and it all comes apart so its easy to move (think “ikea like”)
Another cheap option for a big desk is a nice set of legs from Ikea or similar & a solid core slab door
Makes a cheap and reliable desk

Unfortunately I would have to add in a load of bricks and cement to increase my desk size - the room isn’t big enough for a bigger desk :slight_smile:

ah that IS a different problem :slight_smile:

Norman, I use a Windows keyboard and it takes care of 99.999% of things. For the Mac-only things, I have a Mac keyboard tucked away off to the side, plugged into the Mac directly (not through the KVM) that I can easily bring out. It’s really the OPTION key that is missing. The two things I always bring it out for is to drag files into REAL/Xojo so they are referenced and not included, and also taking Mac screenshots. Oh, and Secure Empty Trash.

Otherwise, the Windows key is the Command key, and everything else is the same.

I just got a HDMI KVM, works really good, and boy it is solid-steel-solid. I know it was $100, and perhaps there are cheaper ones, but I found this really is worth it.


I use mac keyboards, usb with numeric path, everywhere. On my macs of course, but also connected to physical Windows pc’s , and even connected to a PI. Did not use any other keyboard for years now and I also have a few on stock for replacement or working off side.

BTW: my KVM switch is called Parallels. :slight_smile: