Kvetch (Entering states)

Almost all the time when I have to enter address information I enter name (typing), address (typing), city (typing), zip (typing), and state (popup menu??!!).

If a person can be trusted to type in all the other info, one would think they could be trusted to type in a two-character state abbreviation. After all, it’s easy enough to validate.

It’s a really bad user experience.

Some people will type the whole state and not the two-character state abbreviation.

If the popup behaves correctly it will allow you to type a letter and ‘jump’ to the first State with that letter and so on.

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But it is unknown the values of the user entering personal information, the States however are known beforehand

I understand the point you are making but just tossing in 0.02 :grin:

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In my apps, I take them to the zip code field first. If they enter a valid zip, I populate the city and state. In the rare instance where there are more than one city in the zip code, they can manually change the city. I also provide a popup window on the zip where they can enter a new one, if needed. 99% of the time, the zip code is all the data entry required.