Kudos to Xojo

There are many times, where I’ve complained about Xojo, right now I’m a little frustrated with Apple’s shift to 64-Bit to cutting off features that were available to 32-Bit.

However I don’t give Xojo enough credit. I’ve just been trying to assist a LiveCode user in Sandboxing their application… It seems that the LiveCode framework is not Sandbox safe to begin with and, at the moment it looks like the poor customer is going to have to change development tools as he doesn’t seem able to get support from the LiveCode community or LiveCode themselves. I have of course recommend the customer to take a look at Xojo, because it offers x-plat development and it’s apps can be Sandboxed.

Go Xojo!

Their frameworks aren’t sandboxable (is that a word even ?)
Happen to know why ?

From what I understand, they work like FileMaker, so they have a runtime and then a ‘stack’ or database file, which is stored in the Application bundle. So when things change on the stack, they’re not preserved.

The customer is also having trouble as there doesn’t appear to be a way to use SSBs or NSDocumentController with his application, so it means he has no way of being able to access files throughout application restarts.

This is of course from what I can determine.

I have no idea of Sandboxable is a word, but it works for me :slight_smile:

Well, changing the application went out with the Classic Mac OS and the developer should really be saving their data to an external stack…

Using any of the built-in system functions would probably require an external to be written (plugin in Xojo language)… There is to be a future version of the engine where one can do declares…

Also, LiveCode have a free version (witout build application). Who released a free version (without build) first ?

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From Application Cache is a Douchebag

People complain a lot about Xojo, but on the ends there are thousands on the forum who deliver solutions built using Xojo and make real money from it!

I heart from a couple people before that LiveCode is not going well.

Livecode claims an amazing number of users, yet their forum is much poorer than this one. And indeed support from RunRev in the matter of sandboxing is non existent. As for the MAS or iTunes, they do not have the luck to have you, and there seem to be nobody willing to help in that matter.

When some people complain about this forum, they should check out what is going on elsewhere.

There is not so many solutions:

a. the complain person really have a problem,
b. Xojo really cannot achieve that (native OR with plugIn, Class, that means extra $)
c. You cannot achieve that with Xojo,
d. that complain person needs to take courses,
e. Xojo can be a perfect solution for some people, a good solution for others or a bad tool for some. All depends on what they want to deliver. *

At last, I prefer to align a decision on a higher grade than to a lower (or poor) software.

And, what is the price of the higher Xojo version ?
What some people have to expect for a tool at this price.

  • Hey, this may be my solution: it is my fault. I have to change the kind of stuff I do (or try to do since month before REALbasic 1.0 was released, 16 or more years ago !) and go where people here are playing, so I will be happy !!! ;-:slight_smile: