Kudos to the staff for Build for Enterprise profile option

Finally got my app updated to 2021r3.1 so was able to finally build with the Build for Enterprise option enabled and deploy the application to our devices and all went smoothly. It was great not having to do all the steps I used to have
to do after a build to apply our Enterprise profile! Great Work!


I was able to work with Greg with our Enterprise certificate to get it working. Thankfully only took a few days of going back and forth to get it working. I forget the exact details but I think the enterprise cert has some different data in it that they hadn’t expected.


Thanks Bob for your assistance! So much better than having to maintain that iResign tool and having to zip the file up to make the ipa. Made you want to go drink a few IPA’s LOL Now you can just build and upload it can be pushed out to our devices.