Kudos to MBS

For the third time in one of our project’s history, I have ripped out a plugin or an encrypted class that seemed very cheap when we bought it, and had to replace it with something in the MBS plugins. The reasons were varied (the vendor no longer supported their class, they weren’t going to add 64-bit support, or they just didn’t work well with newer versions of Xojo). And with all three issues, the MBS plugin saved me from a lot of headaches by being able to not only replace the old code, but do so in a well structured and easy to understand manner that made it easy to do the replacement. It would have been a HUGE time saver if I had just went with the MBS plugins across the board from the start.

Any way, I cannot say enough good things about Christian and the MBS plugins, turned out to be much better of a bargain than the others code we bought that I thought were less expensive at the time.


Christian and his work is reliable, trustworthy and solid.

This is my experience since I started to learn Realbasic in one of his seminars, back in 2008.

Many solutions in my Apps, wouldn’t be possible for me without Christians Plugins & Support. His Work is priceless for me.

Thank you Christian.

Without MBS Plugins, Xojo is not complete.

Thanks to Christian (MonkeyBreadSoftware)

I concur. I have a handful of times I have asked about an issue with his Plugins and a pre-release has come within hours.

The other ten-handfuls are me not reading the manual or not knowing something exists. I have been creating a brand new app last week and am amazed how rich (full of features e.g. database, PDF, Zip, FTP, MAS, Updater, Email, , etc added easily) I can make it in days, thanks to Xojo and MBS.

I have always lived by the motto “Buy cheap, pay dearly”.
Plugins, outdoor equipment or cars - same motto applies.
I am a great fan of MBS and it’s ability to deliver value all the time.

While I do enjoy making things and understanding the inner workings of the framework, as well as on occasions coming up with my own declares, I warmly recommend Christian’s products.

I bought the MBS complete a couple years ago and that was probably the best investment I ever made. I cannot count the occasions where it saved my skin. Currently, as I need to register fonts from the Classic era, there is a whole bunch of classes covering Apple Type Services.

The only problem is that with so many classes, it is often difficult to find the appropriate one. Even the recent MBSXojoRef is not IMHO quite there. Fortunately, Christian is always here to provide very fast and courteous service.

Christian and his MonkeyBread Software Xojo Plugins make Xojo a complete and competitive software development tool. He is incredibly knowledgeable, always responsive and a very nice person.

That said, I think Christian has found a way to clone himself because there could be no other way to produce such a vast collection of valuable software classes and nearly instantaneous 24/7 support. :wink: He is amazing!

For those unfamiliar, visit http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de to learn about his offerings, some of which are even free.

And now join the conference to meet me in person :slight_smile: