know which file is selected in the finder without applescript

Hello to all
is there a way to know which file is selected in the finder without using applescript?



Look at your monitor?

Use AppleEvents ?

al contrario,you may create a folder and ask your user to place data in this folder and your application scan what resides in that folder.

I’ve done that (in the user’s back) to move data from an application to another to avoid the user to type more than once some data. Once the file have been read in the other application;at open time or when the user show the related window, a window apears with the two list of data to process:

a. A Meeting date (and comments, etc.) have been given,

b. A Report about that Meeting have been done.

Of course, one can come with a diffferent idea in how to move data (and one application instead of two: the client wanted two application and in the run process, I’ve worked with what the client asked :frowning: ).

That’s what NSWorkspace is for ( I can’t find anything to get the selection, however.

@Walter Purvis
great suggestion, but my application is visually impaired :))

@Emile Schwarz
thanks, but this is not possible for my application

@Beatrix Willius
I also searched in that class but I didn’t find anything

Can you explain why you need to get a selected item in the Finder ?

Also: AppleEvents are what AppleScript calls to do things… (if my memory is correct).

the application runs in the background and depending on the file selected in the finder must do things

You could ask Christian if he could add something.