[KLTableView] Need help testing a new open source table view project for XOJO.

Hi all!

As some of you know I wrote a long time ago an open source WebGrid class, I have for some time rewriting a new class from the ground up learning from the mistakes of WebGrid and implementing some neat stuff like lazy loading.

I simplified the control a lot and focused on performance. I hope this class will perform good!

I am putting the finishing touches to the class, however I need your help on doing some testing before our first public release. I will release this using GitHub just like our KLNotificationView project. 100% for free and 100% open source (Just like the original WebGrid).

I created a sample project so that I can fine tune some minor stuff (hopefully).
Here’s the URL, please login and leave a couple of messages and scroll the tableview all the way down so you can try (If there are enough messages) the lazy loading functionality.

Visit Here to help!

Thanks in advance!

Crashed! wow that was fast… I think its an issue with the push logic… Back in a bit!

Back online. But I sure have a problem in the push logic… I will try to determine what’s going on. Good news is that the tableview works fine!

Now available at github : here

I’ve tried it today… it works very well and faster that the previous WebGrid !
It is possible to select a cell by code ?

Worked fine for me - very cool!

The AutoToggleSelection property is not implemented yet.
What is it suppose to do in the future ?