Keystroke without Applescript

Having a lot of frustration with Applications running in Mojave that have Applescripts within. Is there any way to do a Keystroke in Xojo apps without using Applescript.

What frustrations do you have?

Where do you have to add the keystroke? In your own Xojo app or in another app? Do you want something like this here ?

And yes, this is a huge pain in the behind. You need to get permission from the user when doing AppleScripts. You need to explain this to the user. Some even can read.

Thanks for the Reply. I will try to explain more detail.
My frustrations are not with Xojo but with Mojave and Applescript in general. I am working only with Mac OS and would rather not use the MBS. When I do a “Show file Info” with Xojo i need to do a Tab keystroke that I want to do without Applescript using Xojo code. I also at times need to do a “Control + V” Keystroke. Is this something that is possible with Xojo.

Paste should work in Xojo out of the box.

If you don’t want to use MBS you need to use declares. You can do a lot in Finder without using AppleScript with NSWorkspace (using MBS see