Hi Radium. I think you just posted about a key logger and deleted it. Anyways, I already tested this out…

A brute force key logger can be made with a Timer that continuously polls the keyboard.

[code]Sub Action() //short period Timer

for i As integer = 6 to 400
if Keyboard.AsyncKeyDown(i) then
Listbox1.AddRow Str(i) //record keycode i is down

End Sub[/code]

You’ll need to map the key code to the correct character, and I’m not sure what range to loop over, 6 to 400 is just to cover the bases.

There’s more efficient ways that’ll require declares. On the Mac there’s something called a CGEventTap that will tell you when keys state changes without polling. There might be a more modern function now though and I don’t know about Windows.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

CGEventTap need root permissions, I think.

Anyway, for hotkeys on Mac you can simply use CarbonHotKeyMBS class.