KeyDown Event

as a test I have this code in the KEYDOWN event at the WINDOW level… There are no keydown events on any of the controls within the window

  msgbox "window:"+str(ascb(key))
  return true

It catches and display most, but not all of the keystrokes EXCEPT the ones I really want

It return CTRL-B to Z except for A, D, I, K, L and Y
Ctrl-I should be same as TAB which also is “ignored”
Home, End, PgUp, PgDn are ignored, but the arrow keys are accepted.

CMD-A to CMD-Z seem to work, as well as CMD-Home etc.

Mostly I need the app to respond to RETURN/ENTER and TAB

Now there IS a listbox which seems to intercept the Arrow UP/DN, but there is no explicit KEYDOWN,
just a CELLKEYDOWN which never seems to fire anyways.

and NO… there are no TEXTFIELDS or TEXTAREAS on this window…
Just some Canvas, 2 listboxes, a tabpanel and 2 scrollbars

Looks like the Listboxes were consuming my keys :slight_smile: