Key Repeat in IDE?

Is it just my system, or does key repeat not work in the IDE?

I notice it most with Backspace, but similarly other key repeats don’t seem to work reliably (although I seldom have reason to need them).

Specifically if I want to delete a bunch of stuff I’ve just typed, in almost any other text editor I can think of I’d simply hold down Backspace - in the Xojo IDE I seem to get between 1 and 4 characters backspaced, then I have to let got of the key and press it again.

Huh, even two quite quick distinct key presses only register a single backspace in the editor.

It’s not just your system.

Probably related: sometimes when I hit SHIFT then 9 then 0 (to add brackets) I end up getting them back to front, so )( instead of ()


Seen that before too. Restart Xojo & it will be better.

Temporary solution:

Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Repeat Rate (make sure it’s about 3/4 or lower… as closer to the MAX made the IDE have similar issues for me).

I’ll try that, but it won’t fix the problem of me typing too fast & Xojo scrambling the entered text. Restarting Xojo does fix that for a while.

I had an issue with what I thought was stuck keys in the IDE where I could hold down delete on a macbook and it would just keep going (very distressing to see your code being eaten). I eventually just disabled key repeat by setting it to a value of zero and the problem went away. So it wasn’t a stuck key but a key repeat issue as well. I was assuming that I had a bad keyboard chip. Now I am suspicious of a software problem after reading your posts. Have any of you seen this as well?

People on my team on Windows are complaining big time about keyboard issues :-/ When typing quickly keys getting transposed even.

Um, is there a bug report out there for this that I am missing? I went to sign on and put my weight behind it but can’t find one!


Yeah I’m also seeing keys get transposed if I type quickly. It’s quirk. I’ll look at the settings a bit tonight.

Is that case # private? I was unable to access.

Yes, it is marked as a beta bug, I’ve asked @Paul Lefebvre to make this one and 27881 public.

i’m getting a ‘Case not available’ message when i click the above link.