Keeping webpage alive


I have a simple timer on a webpage which counts up. If I let my iPhone sleep with the page open, the timer stops after a while and doesn’t restart. Is there a way to restart the timer automatically without refreshing the page?


Have you tried setting app.autoquit = false?

[quote=406862:@Hanif Saad]Have you tried setting app.autoquit = false?[/quote]
That has nothing to do with browser behavior.

Thanks Hanif and Greg - Yes, I tried it anyway and it has no effect, it still goes dead after a short while. The actual Server is still running as I can access from a different device, but the iPhone sits there loosing all functionality (buttons, etc. stop working)

Right. The issue is that iOS pauses JavaScript when the phone sleeps. I’ve been looking into a similar bug report recently to find out what can be done about this.

Thanks Greg… oh well, so the workaround is time (hopefully).