Keep track of items clicked in a table

I have an IOS app with a table. The table displays a checklist. As my users click an item in the list, I want to mark somehow that it has been clicked…ie. change the text color, highlight the cell or something. The app is a pre-flight checklist for an airplane, so I want the user to know what they have checked and what they have not checked.

Is an ios table capable of this? If not, any suggestions?

You could display the checkmark accessory as each row is clicked:


OK, cool, this is exactly what I need. I have the sample open and I can what they did. But here is my new problem.

Their code is in the “action” event of the table. In my program I can only see the “open” event. In realbasic it used to show all the event handlers for each control. How do I see the other events for a control (such as my table) in Xojo?

You have to add the events you want to use. Click the “+” button on the Layout Editor toolbar and select “Add Event Handler”.

Awesome, thank you again. I hate it when little things like that get me stuck. Thanks again for your help, I am moving right along with my project now.