Keep modal view from Rotating?

I’m using a bit of code found in another thread to present a modal view to the user using presentViewController. It works great except that it allows the view to rotate when the device is rotated. I’ve set up all of the IOSScreens so that they don’t rotate but this one wants to rotate on its own.

Is there a way to keep this one view from rotating?

Bump. Anyone?

It might help to know what code you are using Bob. In my app I use the iOSLib (now AppleLib) PushToCurl/Cover/Slide methods from the iOSViewExtension module. I just tested this on my device and there is no rotation happening (my app is also locked to portrait on iPhone).

gack. sorry for the noise. Should have tested it more before spewing nonsense.

The client was wrong. All the other views were rotating too because the IOSScreen was allowing it.