Keep cursor centred in text area?

Is there a way to keep the cursor in a text area field centred while typing, or at least visible? It’s a little problematic that the cursor keeps on disappearing when it goes too low.

The current idea to hide the ursor is… you do not need to see it while you are writing text. You noticed the cursor reappear when you mouve the Mouse… it is because you need to see it at this moment.

But if you explain why you want that…

Not sure what you mean with “you do not need to see it while you are writing text”. You always see the cursor in a field when typing text, it gives you an idea where you are in a text field. This is how it works in every word processor.
The problem in Xojo is that when you are on the last line and hit the enter key, you do not see the cursor anymore, only when you start typing. It would feel much more natural if the cursor would at least stay visible after the return hit and, if possible, always centred in the text field.

Do you actually mean the text caret rather than the (mouse) cursor?

Ah yes, sorry, I mean the text caret, yes.

Thank you Kevin for highlighting my error.

My turn to be sorry, I meant the Mouse Cursor !

Next time, I will fire a word processor before.

It is cold here, my brain must suffer from that. :wink:

I’m not running the latest Xojo or macOS at the moment but a quick test using a TextArea on my Mac does keep the caret visible.

More information about MacOS dark mode:
the caret is not really always readable (better have young eyes to see it).

NB: there are two dark modes on MacOS: on on the Disabled people settings (forget it), and the second, more recent in Appearance: this one is far better.