Keep CGI or Cloud Apps Running

I am currently developing a web app that we will be deploying to the Xojo Cloud. For user security, we have set the session time out to 15 minutes.
The question I have, is there a way to keep the app running so that the application can run routines on a regular basis?

With our current web app on Xojo Cloud I know the application closes after awhile where there are no active session. Currently we get around it with a separate application running that does not have a session timeout that runs maintenance routines on a regular basis. But this also requires a browser to be running at all times to keep an active session so that the application doesn’t quit.

Set App.AutoQuit = False in the App.Open event handler.

Thanks Paul.

Of course is has to be something simple. :slight_smile:

An alternative would be to set up a cron (there are even web services where you can set up a cron) that calls a particular URL on your app that HandleSpecialURL handles and runs you periodic routines when called.