Kaspersky doesn't like saving project pictures to file

I’ve written a function that creates a webpage. I’ve added some images to the project to be saved to the html folder and used in the page.
However Kaspersky stops the process stating suspicious activity.

//function saveicon (resourcePic as picture,iconName as string)
// saves the resource pictures to existing webpage folder htmlFolder.

Dim f as FolderItem = GetFolderItem(htmlFolder.nativePath + iconName)
If f <> Nil then
End if[/code]

Also happens if you do it manually. Right ?

No I can save anything to the folder without any prompts or requests for permission.

I should consider building a small program that shows this false positive and send it in to Kaspersky help desk for inquiry. I know they are keen on excluding signatures not indicating a virus.
I’ve had quite some false positives in combination with Xojo builds and they’re all fixed by them.