Kaju doesn't seem to be checking the version for me

At first, I was having an issue with wondering about:

Kaju.UpdateChecker(THIS SECTION)

If there was anything specific to make sure I was not going to have any issues cross platform, but using the TPSF frm Tim Parnell, so good there.

But, right now have this:

[code]dim updater as new Kaju.UpdateChecker(TPSF.AppSupport())
updater.ServerPublicRSAKey = “REMOVED KEY FOR POST” // The key you copied from the Admin app
updater.UpdateURL = “https://REMOVED FOR POST” // Where the update info will be posted

Dim noupdate as Kaju.UpdateChecker.ResultType
if noupdate = Kaju.UpdateChecker.ResultType.NoUpdateAvailable then
MsgBox(“You are currently up to date”)
End If[/code]

On a button action to check for updates… and then in the json file for kaju I have:

KAJU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [ { "AppName":"Program", "ImageURL":"", "MinimumRequiredVersion":"1.0", "ReleaseNotes":"", "RequiresPayment":false, "UseTransparency":true, "Version":"1.9", "MacBinary":{ "Hash":"058964CF2D5E603DE0D878703FBC09F2", "URL":"http://axxxxxxxx/Program.app.zip" }, "WindowsBinary":{ "Hash":"F45EED54653A092F258EE6C9046B0F69", "URL":"http://xxxxxxxx/Program.zip", "ExecutableName":"Program.exe" }, "LinuxBinary":{ "Hash":"2E4CA6D76AD794ADC12870DECB33505D", "URL":"http://xxxxxxxxxxx/Program.zip", "ExecutableName":"Program" } } ]

I removed the keys and urls for the post here…

The Kaju constant Version I have set to 1.8 in my app, and in the json file above it is set to 1.9.

However, it doesn’t seem to see the version on the update check.

 MsgBox("You are currently up to date")

Always fires…

So I am obviously doing something wrong here…

Anyone have an idea?

You’re checking the result before you call Execute. You have to do it the other way.

Got ya… moved it around, so that it runs first… and it gives me an error like this:

So looking now to try and figure out what the error is being generated…

Confirm the URL it’s checking.

Yeah the URL is correct… but still rechecking everything.

Well, stepping into the code, we found that it was actually had crashing when you hit the spot where the error is triggered. But that seems to be a xojo bug when using the debugger.

So I went ahead a put a break right before that, and it no longer was hard crashing, and would continue.

Actually, here is a video of me stepping through… just wondering if anyone else out there may have run into this issue, and have an idea on what is causing it.


The page you are receiving your JSON from is not secure, so change “https” to plain “http” in the url.

BTW, I saw this through your helpful video. While stepping the code, you see that the raw variable which should have contained the raw JSON instead contained nothing.

Funny part there… I set it to no longer force SSL on the webserver, even though it has an SSL cert… and then forgot to try it without https… ughhh…

Good catch Kem, thanks! The video actually helped catch that… I am beyond glad!! Thank god that is over haha.

Not sure why on the update window it says you have version 1.80d1 or something to that extent… when the constant is set to 1.8… but will have to figure that out later… just friggin happy it works lol.

Ahh, I was thinking it went by the version in teh Version constant in kaju, but it is going by what is in the app shared version entry.