Kaju + Application Folder entitlements

I am trying to use Kaju to update an app, but struggling to get the right privileges set for the Applications Folder.

I wrap in App Wrapper, including a temporary entitlement to read the applications folder.
I get the pkg Notarised OK.
I’ve tried sandboxed and non-sandboxed versions of the app - but in both Kaju reports that it cannot write to applications.

What else do I need?

Check the unix permissions through the command line. But if the User is not an admin, you will need elevated privileges, and Kaju can’t do that. Instead, put the app in /Users/user/Applications, or somewhere else that the user can access and update.

drwxrwxr-x+ 15 root admin 480 Apr 3 12:38 //Applications

Seems to be set as Admin already …?

Is the user in question an admin though?

Yes, set as admin in System Preferences/Users & Groups.

Sandboxed app?

No, I’ve tried both Sandboxed and non-Sandboxed.

Catalina with it’s funny Applications folder by chance?

arent there 2 - one on the system volume and one on the date volume ?
and they are “merged” to appear to be just one

[quote=482402:@Tim Parnell]Catalina with it’s funny Applications folder by chance?[/quote]I’ve also tried Mojave with same result. This was Catalina. Generally I’m using Installer to add the .pkg but seems to be same if I just drag the app in.

Try this: create an Applications folder in the home directory, move the app there, then try again. Does it make a difference?

No, same result. Fails in if not executable.Parent.IsWriteable or not Kaju.IsWriteableRecursive( executable ) then mResult = ResultType.NoWritePermission

what does executable refer to ?

[quote=482409:@Norman Palardy]
what does executable refer to ?[/quote]
This is part of Kem’s Kaju - executable is the app itself.

Hang on - my previous statement not accurate (dragging the app to another folder creates an Alias - didn’t realise). This does work. So something to do with the Applications folder permissions.

Intent is to use this to update beta version of apps for testers. If not going to work do I have to revert to MBS Updater/Sparkle?