Kagi has closed, what's next

Yesterday Kagi ceased operations. Bad news. I have been working with them since I began selling software in 1999. First as the main and unique store and later as a backup store. Now I don’t have any backup store. My main store is Paypal. I love IPN and PDT… and I am also good with PHP programming.

My question is, does anybody know of a serious payment processor that supports something similar to IPN+PDT? and PHP?

Thanks a lot in advance! I am quite upset of Kagi extinction :frowning:

There is an ongoing discussion about a similar topic here : https://forum.xojo.com/34198-paddle-a-new-story

Thanks a lot! I really need advice and get a new backup store soon :slight_smile:

I went with Paddle. I am so far happy with it, I had sales up very fast, thats a big plus. (On Kagi it was a lot harder back then, but then again everything there was old)

Rest remains to be seen. Like cost of wire transfer and other things.

I use Paypal for all my sales, with IPN and PDT. All automated. But not everybody like Paypal, Paypal is not supported everywhere, Turkey for example, and it is a good idea to have a back-up store… look what happened to Kagi. They closed the day they notified me. I got no time to do anything. Hopefully it was the back-up store.

Now I will open a new backup store, at Paddle for sure. I like they also use something similar to IPN so I can automate everything. For me it is the best choice.