Just upgraded to Pro, Web Questions


Now that I have the Pro version of Xojo I thought it might be nice to re-do a lot of our php forms.

Our site is a Drupal 7 site http://aspe.org. All of our custom stuff runs inside of Frames on a Drupal Page.

My Questions:

  1. Will a Xojo Web app run in a frame? (I can’t see why not.)

  2. Is it possible to send the Xojo App Parameters on the url like? http://aspe.org?uid=83838

I’m looking forward to exploring the Web stuff.




Absolutely. See WebSession.URLParamter. You might also find HashTag useful.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Now where can I find docs on deploying it?

Also how to run it on my local mach copy of our web site. For instance I have http://aspelocalhost is the root of our site on my machine. So when I run it from the locally how do I replace the localhost with aspelocalhost?



For anyone still looking, here is an article on how to get cgi scripts working with Mamp!


It worked!