Just discovered that 2015r4 gave me a great Christmas present

I’ve been quite busy refactoring a number of old 2012r2.1 projects into the new world order and I just discovered that the 64 bit updates in the 2.15r4 release have provided quite the Christmas present. On project that is network driven and updates based on the returned data from up to 25 systems at a time is now running as smoothly on Linux as it does on OS X as for screen refreshes and response to user input (container selection, button pushes, scrolling, etc.)

This same app in 32bit mode from 2012r2.1 has always exhibited slow response and unexplained busy-wait states in the built version. This new 64bit build is über clean and runs like a native C++/GTK2 app.

I guess it’s finally time to start moving everything over!

Did you compare it to a 32-bit app built with 2015r4?

That’s next. I was just so stoked by the difference that the 64 bit build presented that I had to share and be all “fan-boy-like” :D.

Yep - BIG difference in 32bit builds as well.

I knew that a number of things had bee tweaked, but this was not seen in my test projects.

Thanks, team, for a wonderful surprise.


I had a similar issue with a desktop app. Kept using 2013 R3.3 to run it. Now it works in 2015 R4