Just Code Challenge Week 4 Projects

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It’s the 4th week of the Just Code Challenge! This time I made an iOS app for tracking Mini-Golf scores.

Read more about it: https://blog.xojo.com/2018/07/13/justcode-challenge-week-4-mini-golf-scorekeeper/
Download the project source: http://files.xojo.com/JustCode/MiniGolf.xojo_binary_project.zip

Please share your projects for week 4 of the Just Code challenge in this thread. Download other projects and discuss!

Alas, I’ve been lazy this week…no submission from me. Will pick it back up next week!

This week, I propose a small productivity tool that will convert all your special caracters to 7-bit ASCII.

With different options:

  • Plain ASCII: -> e
  • HTML codes: -> é
  • LaTeX: -> \’{e}

The application can be extended quite easily.

Source and win32 exe are here:

Not needed if you set your html file text encoding to UTF-8 (in a META line).
for the other stuff, get an eye on DefineEncoding… (IMHO)

Edit: sorry.

Sometimes you need it. For example, I use HTML 7-bit for a JS encryption/decryption tool that hides data from robots (emails, etc.). And no, DefineEncoding will no convert text to plain ASCII or LaTeX :). Anyway, that’s not the place to talk about this.

Very simple currency converter app using fixer.io API. Unfortunately, to use any sort of conversion, you must pay for the basic subscription but didn’t realize that till it was too late. Alas, it was fun to work with APIs and finally build something in iOS.


This week I made a small control with 6 navigation buttons that you can turn on and off individually. The control has 4 different Styles “Plain, Bicolor, Gradient and None”. You can turn on and off Separators and the Border. You can also set the colors of the icons and the backgrounds. The buttons are drawn in the paint event.

The source code can be downloaded here

My app for this week is using the Say Salut web-service. The service returns Hello in different languages. The app reads the computers locale, queries the service, parses the json response and displays Hello in the respective language (hopefully :-). That’s all.

Download the project here.

Shakespeare-Monkey genetic algorithm
This is simple example of a genetic algorithm programmed in Xojo. The inspiration to this project came from this tutorial series on Youtube. Some background information can be found here. This was only a proof of concept so there is room for code optimisations.

Download source

Continuation of the Canvas Listbox

Cleaned up some of the scrolling code and other parts of the code.
Added Sorting On the columns using the Sort by delegate on the backing data array (neat!)
Added “dropdown” choice.
Added a boolean/checkbox input.


(Still Friday in Alaska…)

workTIMEbreakTIME is a timer that alternates between work and break times so you can focus when you need to, but then take a break at specified intervals. Choose the length of each work and break interval and how many cycles of that you want to do.

Here’s a quick video that shows the app in action:

And here’s where you can grab the project:



My submission for this week is a calculator that works in fractions.

It was inspired by a forum discussion 3 months ago where the OP was looking for a replacement for an old RealBasic app called FractionAction. The topic is here: https://forum.xojo.com/47119-updating-a-runtime-to-64-bit-on-mac/0

This calculator isn’t a duplicate of the original app, but I think it performs all of the same functions, possibly more. You can enter numbers as fractions or as decimals. If you enter as decimal, it will immediately convert to the simplest equivalent fraction. You can also convert fractions back to decimal, and it will give you the exact decimal value, identifying repeating decimals and showing the repeating part.

I had intended this to be last week’s entry, but my logic for the operational state machine was flawed, and it turned into a nightmare. So, I had to redo it.

I can see that a couple more functions (eg., reciprocal) would be useful. So, an upgraded version may possibly be a later entry in the coming weeks.

BTW, in case anyone is wondering, I deliberately excluded scientific functions such as sin, cos, tan, log, exp, for the simple reason that they produce irrational numerical results; i.e., they cannot be expressed exactly as a fraction, which makes them pointless in a calculator that works in exact fractions.

Project here:
Fraction Calculator Project

[quote=396237:@Jay Jennings]And here’s where you can grab the project:
Jay, your download link seems broken (or site is offline).

The site was offline for 8 minutes – it should be back to normal now. Grab it, quick! :slight_smile:

What are the odds? It worked now. :slight_smile:

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