Just Code Challenge Week 2 Projects

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It’s the 2nd week of the Just Code challenge so I’m still keeping things simple. This week’s project is a password generator.

Read more about it: https://blog.xojo.com/2018/06/29/just-code-challenge-week2/
Download the Password Generator project source: http://cdn.xojo.com/JustCode/PasswordGenerator.zip

Please share your projects for week 2 of the Just Code challenge in this thread. Download other projects and discuss!

I made this to help a forum user this week. It took about 25 minutes from start to finish, RAD on a whole new level! Next week’s plan is a little more ambitious :wink:

This app reads a tab delimited contacts.txt file (as the original poster had specified), loads it into a listbox, and lets the user search for contacts either by name or phone number. While not a particularly complex app, it is a great example of how to not store data in the UI, but rather use the UI to display data. Without this core design concept, the search function would not work.


Bouncing bubbles
This is a simple example of how to do collision/intersection detection of animated circles in Xojo.

  • If bubbles arrive at the margin of the canvas they bounce back.
  • If bubbles intersect each other they become transparent (see checkbox).

Download code

Here’s my week 2 project, it’s an IDPA Power Factor Calculator and testing program. IDPA is a competitive pistol league. Each shooter’s ammunition must meet a minimum power factor to be legal for competition. This program allows a match director to test each shooter’s ammunition, automatically determines if the ammunition passes or fails, and records the information in an SQLite database. At the conclusion of testing, the results can be exported to a text file for use elsewhere. It does basic data validation and requirement checking during data entry, too.

Download it here: https://github.com/wkapeles/idpa_power_factor

IDPA_power_factor_photo by Bill Kapeles, on Flickr

I decided to take on the idea someone posted in last week’s thread to make a Berlin Clock. Learned a lot about timers and While logic. It does chew up a lot of CPU due to how frequently the timer runs, but I decided to keep the timer cranked up to keep with the spirit of German over-engineering!


Continuation of the Canvas List Box(Alpha 1)

Features Added:
Vertical Scroll Bar to Indicate Position(cannot click and drag yet)
Pop-up Field Editor(need to add save/cancel buttons)
Selected Row Highlighting
Data Buffer backing property, data loaded from buffer into listbox

To Do:
Drop Down Selector
Horizontal Scrolling
Save and Cancel Buttons

Later down the road
Performance Enhancements
drag and drop

Current Version Download:

I discover this contest only this week. A great idea.

Here is a very simple application. ClipCalc stays in the tray bar and waits for clipboard commands. Copy “=2+2” into the clipboard, and when you’ll paste data, you’ll get 4. Easy!

Source and win32 exe are here:

(Still Friday in AK…)

I may do this project again next week because it’s crying out for a database on the backend. Plus multiple panels, etc.

It’s the Boom Boom Mini-Soundboard for when you want to just press a button and have an explosion sound go off. Drag in WAV, MP3, or AIFF audio files.

Here’s a quick video showing it in action:

And here’s where you can grab the project if you like (audio file not included):

My project is a csv (comma delimited) file viewer.

The objective of the project was twofold:

  1. Demonstrate a simple method for parsing a csv file;
  2. Create a scrolling text grid display to display the csv file

The method of parsing the csv file uses a split() function parity scheme, that very easily resolves some of the uglier aspects of csv files, such as embedded line endings and embedded quotes. The principal advantage is that it eliminates character by character parsing.

The text grid display automatically adjusts row height and column width to fit all of the text in the csv file. I’d been thinking about putting together a simple text grid display that handles variable row heights, and this seemed like a good opportunity to give it a shot.

Project file is here:
CSV File Viewer Xojo Project

Depending on my ambition level, this may turn out to be a continuing project with more features added week by week.

Just Code Challenge Week 3 conversation open.

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