Jump to end of text

just found a small problem.

I have an EDIT window containing a TextField which is pre-populated with text from a database.
However, when the window opens, the flashing line is for some reason at the beginning of the text and not at the end.

Is it possible to have the flashing line automatically jump to the end of the text?

What is the flashing line called? Is it the Carat?

Thank you all in advance.

me.SelStart = me.Text.Len

And it’s called the cursor. Caret is the ^ character (used as a cursor on some vintage systems, and in pen-and-paper editing to indicate insertion, so you do sometimes hear it used to mean the cursor).

Never realised the flashing line thingy was also called a cursor - I thought the cursor was just the arrow that follows your mouse along the screen.

Well you learn something every day :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Cursor is really the wrong term. It’s called the Insertion Point, or sometimes, Caret.

Ah - I thought it was called the Caret, and not the cursor :slight_smile:
I guess I didn’t learn anything today after all :slight_smile: