Does anyone know if JSONItems can be made case insensitive?



The docs claim that setting that to true or false should work

Have you tried it ?

Yes (on DeskTop). You get a compilation error when you try to set the property and it defaults to Case Sensitive (Which the docs say it shouldn’t)

I guess that page should not be there, last update January 2016.
CaseSensitive is not listed on main JSONItem page

Which version are you using ?
I dont see it on JSONItem in 2019r1.1 or 2019r3.1 despite what the docs say

Latest - OK. Thanks Alberto and Norman. I guess I’m just too sensitive :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d still file a report about the docs being incorrect on this

edit : I checked as far back as 2017r1 and its missing all the way back to then (maybe earlier) but I haven’t found any info about when it disappeared