Just wanted to share this REST API service I found. It’s interesting for anyone who needs get GeoIP information for desktop, mobile or web apps.

As they say in their website, at this moment is a free service without request limitations what is a (very) good point!

Javier Rodrguez
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Very nice, and thanks for sharing Javier.

Do you know about www.geoplugin.com, which is also a free website to obtain Geo-location information based on IP?

Probably they are a lot out there :slight_smile: As I see they share the same origin: GeoLite database from MaxMind.

geoplugin is amazing.

Anybody know how to implement it in XOJO.


Here is an example of how to implement it in Xojo…

  Dim socket As new HTTPSocket()
  Dim response As String
  Dim geoData As JSONItem
  response = socket.Get("http://www.geoplugin.net/json.gp?ip=", 15)
  geoData = new JSONItem(response)
  msgbox geoData.Value("geoplugin_countryName")

The geoData object contains all the data returned by GeoPlugin for IP address

Simply change the IP address in the above code to the IP address you want to look up.

Hi Alwyn,

Your one of the great!

Thanks for helping!

You’re making me blush Ronaldo, but glad I could help :wink:

Has anyone implemented a way to directly access the GeoLite database directly from a Xojo app via one of their local API libraries (ie not via a web service since they are usually rate limited or only temporarily available)

MaxMind has their API available in lots of languages but unfortunately not yet Xojo.

I have using http://ipinfo.io/.