Json Error

I have a JSon String: { “Lastname”: “Albrecht”, “MembershipNumber” : 42044} - In Json validator this fails:
Error: Parse error on line 1:
{“ Lastname”: “Albre
Expecting ‘STRING’, ‘}’, got ‘undefined’

The code is:

Function HandleSpecialURL(Request As WebRequest) As Boolean

dim lStr as String = "Request Path: " + Request.Path

Select Case Request.Path
Case "ActivateApp"
  Dim postData As String = DefineEncoding(request.Entity, Encodings.UTF8)
  Dim json As New JSONItem(postData)   <-------------------------------------------------- Blows up with json error 7 "Missing " at position 3"  The above String

Can anybody tell me whats wrong, I’m new to using json.


Smart quotes, or curly quotes, are the fancy quotes that have direction: “ ” where as you need a regular double quote here: "

Be sure you have smart quotes off in your text editor.

Never new that even existed!

Where do you change that? Can’t find it in Xojo preferences.

Just found it in system prefs.

The issue is in the JSON you posted, it’s choking on the curly quote. From your variable name, I’m assuming you’ve received it from somewhere. That is where your curly quotes are the issue, so you may not be looking inside Xojo to resolve this.