Json Array to SQLLite Temp Table

I want to generically convert the array elements of a REST JSON response to create a SQL Lite temp table.

For example:

First I would select the “results” element cause that is the array then I want to create and fill a SQL Lite Temp Table with the following columns:

Does anything exist to do this easily or quickly or do I have to start from scratch?

SQLite has native support for JSON. I would probably just use that.



@Walter Purvis This is interesting. From a little reading I did though seems that we have to use a method on @Thomas Tempelmann 's blog or perhaps the MBS plugins from @Christian Schmitz to add the function to the sqlite engine. Is this correct ?

JSON is a loadable extension and Xojo supports loading extensions:


You may have to compile it as dylib/dll, or perhaps it already exists somewhere in compiled form (seems like it would)>

Yes thanks saw that and the link from that page to Thomas’s blog post about adding a function to sqlite to return a json value. That was the bit i was / am unsure of.