Json Array newbie Question

I have the following JSON data:

“currently”:{ },
“hourly”:{ },
“summary”:“Snow (10–18 cm.) on Tuesday through next Saturday, with temperatures rising to 5°C next Saturday.”,
“summary”:“Mostly cloudy throughout the day and breezy starting in the evening.”,

data is an array, so my code starts off as:

DIM MoonPhaseVAR AS DOUBLE = js.Child(“daily”).Child(“Data”).

Then I’m stumped on how to complete it. I want the first instance in the array of moonphase but can’t seem to figure it out

Save yourself some grief:

dim data as jsonitem = js.Child("daily").Child(“data”) DIM MoonPhaseVAR AS DOUBLE = Data.child(0).value(“moonPhase”)

Fantastic, thanks Greg. I’m writing a xojo app to poll weather data and moonphase is in an array

Actually, data is an array of objects that contain time, summary, icon, sunrise, sunset and moon phase.


I’m a database programmer by profession. Oracle PL/SQL. Found (Real Basic) in 2005. I’ve coded my seed collection, as I’m an avid gardener. I also wrote a HL7 Data generator for our Health Department using Xojo. It’s so easy to write code with this product. I just discovered DateInterval in the new Framwork.