Jquery UI and WebCanvas

i need to use canvas object in a ResponsiveUI continer like the one created by Brock Nash (https://forum.xojo.com/19039-jqueryui-library-drag-drop-animations-custom-menus/0/)
but i’m not able to set the correct with and heght of webcanvas in smartphone with android SO
I must load several images with DrawPicture function to create a dinamic interface like this
where using absolute x and y coordinates i can rise the mousedown event and change the ui interface and with a timer load differents the arrows to simulate a moviment
I have already made this with b4j but i like to do now with xojo.
tanks for your help!!!

No need to reply, since apparently you found your answer in your own question…

Your replay is not an answare.
If I’m asking help is because i have need it!!!

Hi Paolo, I think Michel’s comment was due to the fact that you marked your original post as “answering my question”… This may cause people to skip over your post, as it has been answered… You can remove the “answered” flag and then hopefully someone will see that this question is still open…

[quote=318509:@paolo lops]Your replay is not an answare.
If I’m asking help is because i have need it!!![/quote]

Then why did you check “answer” on your question ?

What width and height are you talking about ? The screen, the canvas ?

You get the width and height of the screen, you get that with WebPage.width and Webpage.Height.

I would guess that you need to set the canvas size proportional of those values. Is it not what you do in B4j ?

Hi, Michel
I’m sorry for the post above.
Using the Brock jquery solution i have seen that the webpage size is not correctly.
I have fund a solution setting coockies during homepage resize event and then using this sizes to draw my canvas object correctly.

session.Cookies.Set("w",self.Width.ToText) session.Cookies.Set("h",self.Height.ToText)
with this escamotage now i can reproduce software like b4j .
Otherwise the size that i read is the default size of the startup webpage that i have set in xojo ide.

You may want to have a look at http://RubberViews.com where my class enables something very close to B4x autoscale, and even more.