JQuery slider - JS Fix Help Needed

I have been trying to get a slider to work on a mobile browser but on that platform it does not slide but “jumps” to where you touch the control.

I have tried Taylor Designs JQquery control and I get the same result. It is a known issue based on my Googling for sliders on mobile platforms but I did find a possible fix.

JQuery event hack

SO — Not being a native Web Guy I am not sure where to put this code in XOJO. I know there are lots of places in XOJO to add Javascript code but I am not sure where to start.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Well, we’re not using jQuery, and we frown on users hacking code into our framework. If Daniel’s control is a jQuery slider, he’d be the one that would need to put in this fix for you.

Mark - I just replied to your email about this.