JLeroy Software Released Custom UI Version 1.2

Paris-La Dfense, France (October 14th, 2013) - JLeroy Software released version 1.2 of the Custom UI.

Custom UI is a complete set of Custom Controls bringing customization to the highest possible level. This set of controls will give your applications a unique and professional display.
Nine default styles are included, use any of these styles to personalize the style with the built-in style editor.

Custom UI was built with a heavy focus on the customization right from the beginning. Each control offers a set of editable style properties to customize the look & style of your application.
Each style included in Custom UI was designed by skilled and professional UI designers.

This update brings two new controls: UI_Listbox and UI_SpinnerWheel.

The most important part of this update is the UI_Listbox class that will replace the standard Listbox in all your projects.
You are not bound to the OS default Header and Scrollbars anymore and can customize all styles and colors.

The Spinner control is highly customizable, adapt the width and amount of ticks, the radius, the animation speed and the colors.

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