Jeremy Leroy MIA?

Does anyone know what is up with Jeremy Leroy’s business ( I bought one of the Xojo controls from Jeremy and it crashes. I can’t even use it. I tried contacting him and even submitted a trouble ticket within the last few weeks… no/zero response.

seem to remember i read that his wife is pregnant and going to have a baby very soon.

I read somewhere that they now know what causes that :slight_smile:

It happens if you stop programming in Xojo before midnight.

Maybe you can share your experience here. I also bought Jeremy Leroy component

We might help you.

I’d be interested to hear the exact details of the crash as I was in the same situation. I was promised a response 3 times in July and August but it never arrived. I gave up and spent a couple of days coding around it. Lesson learned. But perhaps my workaround will help if you’re in the same situation.

What a pity.

Read it too often here and had the same experience myself. :frowning:

A nice product is next to nothing without the developer standby. @JrmieLeroy wouldn’t it be a good idea to outsource customer support of you products to somebody else, so you could concentrate on development only ?

Same happened to the person (forgot the name) who did sell the fantastic (macOS only) StackView Control about 2 years ago. He just vanished from earth so it seems.
I still use that control because I opted for buying the source code too.

About Jrmie:
In my experience he is very slow in reacting but in the end, he does reply to mails if you push a bit. :slight_smile:

You mean Rob Egal? I fear he might have had an accident or something as all his traces (not just here on the forum) vanished abruptly.

How is his StackView class working on Windows?

Yes, it was Rob’s superb class. It is really the best every made.

I purchased the calendar app from him, there was a few bugs, he told me that if he did not have it fixed
by the end of the week he would refund my purchase. That never happened and I get no response
with email since. Will be disputing this with my credit card agency.

This is harsh to say, but aside from very very specific circumstances, 24-hour response to emails should be MINIMUM for anyone that sells software. Anything past that should result in public flogging. =) OK, that’s exaggerating, but not by much. Did anyone see the latest plumber commercial - they don’t say ANYTHING about how good the plumbing is, they brag about the mere fact that they’ll be on time, and if not, they’ll pay you a little money. That’s a sad commentary about how bad customer service is across the board.

Someone selling on the App Store, the Windows Store or the Amazon App Store, would have a whole collection of 1 star reviews, not to mention countless refund requests to the platform customer care.

The problem is, we are all developers, and some of us on these platforms are obligated to provide excellent technical support.

That said, providing third party tools to the Xojo community is not a very good business, because that market is far too small. It may explain a sometimes rather amateurish attitude from some.

I Purchased the Omega Bundle Mini and both Christiaan and Anthony have responded to my questions on email and on the XOJO forum almost immediately. Have not heard anything from Jeremy. I Hope I did not purchase a dud in the bundle.

Running a software business is challenging with everything changing all the time it is hard to keep up but if you commit to a responsibility you must be there no matter the costs or income.

Just as I press enter in the previous message, Jeremy responded back. Thanks for getting back Jeremy!