releases Custom UI for Xojo Web Applications

Web Custom UI will change the look and feel of your Xojo Web Applications in less than 10 minutes of coding and additional work.

This set of controls built on top of the native Xojo WebControls includes 10 default styles.
We have included a converter tool that will convert your Web Applications to make them use the Custom UI controls and setup each WebPage.

Key features:

No CSS Knowledge required.
All CSS work is done in the background to prevent the hassle of learning a new language.

Extremely Fast
Web CustomUI uses a subclass of the native Xojo controls. The loading time of the Web App will be delayed by half a second, and user experience is unaltered.
As soon as WebCustom UI is loaded in the WebPage, it doesn’t need any further calls to the server.

Easy to use
Design your Web Applications the same way you have always done it. The UI Style is only loaded when running the application.

Compatible with all modern Browsers
We have tested Web Custom UI with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Specific improvements for each Browser were developped.
Custom UI is also completely compatible with Mobile Browsers such as Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android.

No additional Javascript library
CustomUI doesn’t require any additional Javascript library. There will be no conflict if you use jQuery, Prototype or another library in your Web Apps.

Web Custom UI is available at 199€ (encrypted) or 499€ (with source-code).

For a limited time only, a 25% discount is applied to all purchases.
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