Jeremie Leroy Scroll & Zoom Canvas Crash

Is anyone using the Scroll & Zoom Canvas by ?

I added it to a project and when I try to set the control.scrollDeltaX property the app crashes.

I put in a support ticket a week ago and sent a direct email today, but haven’t had a reply to either.

If anyone successfully using the control, can give me some pointers it would be much appreciated. I’ve coded my own basic canvas for now.
I may have to expand on it.

Crash or exception? If crash please post the relevant section of the crash log.

Which platform? Which version of Xojo?

Sorry, but there is no crash logs ( So I guess “Crash” is not a good word to use) and there is no exception. The IDE just hangs when try to set the scrollDeltaX property when the scrollbar value has changed.

hmmm… I just compiled the app and ran the .exe and everything work just fine. It only hangs while running in the IDE.

Sorry, I failed to mention I’m developing on Windows 7 and Xojo 2014R2.

Yes, it crashes on Window7 in debug mode. When your application is compiled, it works fine. I have tested release 1.1.1 of “Scroll & Zoom Canvas”. With release 1.1.2 the application does not crash, but it stop at “ScrollCanvas1.scrollDeltaX = me.value” in Window1.hScrollBar.ValueChanged event.

Window7 Professional
Scroll & Zoom Canvas 1.1.1 and 1.1.2

Thank you Horst. I downloaded the current version from the vendor website and it does the same.