JavaScripts in HMTL-Header?!?


I have two Scripts in my HMTL-Header:



This are the Initializing Scripts for the TinyMCE-Editor.

  • If I create a plain HTML-Page like here the scripts works fine.

I made a custom control, which adds a

-section, and my thought was, that the scripts do replace it with the TimyMCE-Stuff
-> But If I launch my XojoWebApp (with the scripts in the ) nothing happens.

If I add the Scripts to my CustomControl, also nothing happens.

How can I execute the scripts to ‘replace’ my

with the TinyMCE-Code?


I did it!

I just had to call the scripts in the ‘loadlibaries’-method in the Open-Event!

Starting in r3, there’s a Shared Method for adding items to the htmlheader as well.