JavaScriptError and Grammarly plugin

I notice that if the user has the Grammarly browser plugin enabled, and your Web app triggers a JavaScriptError, the Send button on the ensuing JavaScriptError Dialog will not work. So the dialog is not dismissed and the errors.log file is not written to the app’s folder. Disable that plugin and the Send button works fine.

Anyone know a way to disable that plugin when the JavaScriptError Dialog is called? I know how to disable the plugin on a particular WebTextArea, but not for that dialog, over which I have no code access.

Might need to make a feedback case on this one…

For regular TextAreas I use this code open event to tell Grammarly to ignore them.

ExecuteJavaScript("document.getElementById("""+me.ControlID+"_inner"").setAttribute(""data-gramm"", ""false"");")

Maybe Xojo can implement something like this to their JavaScript error dialog?

The important part of this is the “data-gramm”=“false”.

Yep. I use that code in a subclassed WebTextArea control.