Javascript Scheduling Component


In Web 2.0 is it possible to wrap javascript components?, like this one

@Anthony_G_Cyphers, you have experience in doing stuff like this right?

Take a look at GraffitiTimeline in the Demo at

wtf, how did that escape my attention, was looking at the v2 demos yesterday :open_mouth:

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How customizable is it? I need something like this for room scheduling

You can read through the documentation. If you need something that isn’t supported, open a Feature Request ticket.

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Still dont understand how I missed this, I have looked through your demos multiple times, but my mind was locked in on scheduling and calendar I think. :grinning:

It happens. :smiley:

The pricing for that Bryntum scheduling software is eye watering. They don’t even display costs if you want to build the product into a commercial product, prices are only for internal development use and deployment.


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And yet you get GraffitiSuite Web Edition, which includes a similar component and many more for $349.95. Without a ton of limitations. :smiley:


I know which one I will select :slight_smile:
I am happy with your desktop suite, so not a difficult choice :slight_smile:

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I guess people pay for it then, since the prices are that high. Most of the scheduling/timeline components are crazy expensive :frowning:

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I know - I was looking for a Calendar solution earlier this year (not a date picker which confuses people for some reason). I was faced with costs of > £700 just for a solution. Thankfully the Omegabundle came along and I snapped that up mainly due to the inclusion of the Graffitisuite product.