Javascript Error Object is undefined.

Hy there,
i have a web project with many containers, for now it is imposible to compile with 3.3 or the current beta.
i get the following “Could not execute returned javascript: Xojo.controls.blablabla is undefined”

it looks like the elements are not already created when something simple like defining the width is happening.
The width is defiened in the IDE not in the shown or open event.
I am seeing this on a normal webcontainer for a Webcanvas control. And also for dynamicly created controls.

Are there any hints what has changed and what we have to know about it ? There are no Compiling errors in the IDE.

I’d like to see a sample project attached to a feedback case. If this worked in 3.2, I can’t think of any change that would have caused it to not work in 3.3.