Jaggedy combobox on Mac

When I have a combo box the arrow down part is offset from the rest of the combo box.
Enlarging the box does not help.

Is this just a bug?

i’ve never seen this before. Do you use some kind of panel behind the combobox?

That’s what a Carbon Xojo-ComboBox looks like on OS X 10.10 (or maybe it started in 10.11) or newer :slight_smile:

What version of Xojo are you compiling with?

We’re compiling the Carbon-build for our OSX 10.6 users with REAL Studio 2011r3.

Anything other than 64-Bit Cocoa is unofficially deprecated at Apple, I have this on the word from an Apple engineer who was assisting me in trying to fix some 32-Bit Cocoa bugs.

While supporting Snow Leopard is admirable; it’s only going to get harder to support newer Mac OS versions.

Heck even supporting the latest 4 macOS versions can be hard depending on what APIs you use.

So why not build that version just for the 10.6 users and a Cocoa version for everyone else?

We do that - for this Combobox-reason (and quite some others) :wink:
I just mentioned this Carbon-issue as it is a possible reason/explanation to the original Post.

Sorry. I thought your reply was from Tim and that was why he was running into these problems.

I am indeed compiling still for Carbon using 2014 r 2.1

“Why” you may ask? Because I am using Stylegrid for 4 different grid/spreadsheet functions
and the author of it is not updating it anymore. It does not work right on Cocoa or on
recent Xojo versions. So I’m stuck on this old 2014 version until I swap it out.

I had to get a major release out which is FINALLY done. So next project is to rip out
the StyleGrid and switch to the grid from Pi software. At that point I can move
up the ladder to the most recent Xojo.