iTunes Connect changes

iTunes Connect is now App Store Connect but, much more interestingly, you can now receive push notifications when a user leaves a review, and you can specify what type of review you want to hear about.

For example, you might only want notifications of 1 and 2 star reviews, so you can respond to the user and tell them they’re wrong about everything.

And someone could write an app that receives the notifications and automatically responds with a “Oh yeah? Well your mother dresses you funny.” reply.


1 - 2 stars = “Oh yeah? Well your mother dresses you funny.”
3 stars = “Jeez, sit on the fence much?”
4 stars = “Sure, I’ll implement [INSERT FEATURE NAME] if you give me an extra star.”
5 stars = “No, YOU’RE the best!”

Is that only in the iOS store? I have been all over the MAS and can’t find what you show above.

Yes, it’s always been an iOS app. There’s also a revamped web front end which you can access on a computer.