Iterate through text list

Hi all,

Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction of reading in a list of words on separate lines from a text field please. I’d a user to be able to input various words on separate lines and loop through them checking an online service for each word.I have the check working for an individual word but can’t seem to find a decent list iteration loop example. Thanks for any help

Off the top of my head

[code]dim list() as string = split( replaceLineEndings(textArea.text, endofline), endofline )

for each word as string in list


Hi Damon,

You could try with this code if I understood correctly your request:

//With sChar you can define de Ascii that represent you separator, for this example can be espace, or semicolon

dim i,n as Integer
dim sPar,sChar,sData as String


'sChar=Chr(32) 'Char for space
sChar=Chr(59) 'Char for semicolon


for i=1 to n


MsgBox sData

next i


Thank you both for your help. Appreciated