Italic in DesktopTextArea

Hello all!

I am using Xojo 2022 Release 4.1 on macOS Ventura 13.1.

A DesktopTextArea with SelectionItalic set to true gets this setting cleared (set to false) when text is entered in the text area. The text would be in whatever font style it was before italic is selected.

Bold and underline do not have this issue.

Do you have the Italic member of the used Font installed ?

a.k.a. if you use the Roberto Font, you have to have Roberto-Italic to be able to use it (as well as all other styles if you want to use one of them).

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The text area is using System font, and bold and underline work fine. What is being observed here is the SelectionItalic is being turned off (value observed is ‘false’), while this selection is set to ‘true’ prior to any text being entered to the text area.

I fully understand what you already wrote.
Maybe ready my answer from the documentation will be accepted:

Mac apps can only display font styles that are available. You cannot force a font to display in bold or italic if it does not have bold or italic variations available. In this situation, the Italic property will not affect the font.

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