It Seems Xojo inc. don't allow freedom of speech

Just monitored the conversation from this channel: and nothing really bad was said. Only that a person was very disappointed they had forced him to use his real name by change it without any approval or contact him first. And few hours later Xojo inc. began to delete the conversation.

So much for freedom of speech. I’m not sure if I want to waste my time here, as you never know when Xojo Inc. decide to delete all the effort you have spent on this forum.

I find it sad

This is a private companies forum & so it is entirely within its rights to monitor & remove posts it feels fit to

Xojo inc. just showed the real colour

We’ve removed objectionable posts in this forum & in the old ones.
We have filters against the use of profanity.
And if there are posts being reported to us that are objectionable we may remove them.

Freedom of speech is not unconditional.

Actually it was really bad, the poster had misquoted Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers).

I think that the appropriate quote is from Yoda rather than from Hitchhikers (which is actually “So long and thanks for all the fish.”)

Yoda says:

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

If you want to limit your online footprint then just go offline rather than hint to be of superior intelligence :wink:

Josh, are you sure that it’s not the guy himself who removed his post?

No it was Jason

And he removed another one as well

Start your own forum and rant away. No freedoms have been denied. You don’t have the freedom to use someone else’s soapbox.

Legal clarification: “Freedom of speech” is a concept enshrined by the U.S. Constitution, and works to limit action by government entities in limiting the speech of its citizens. (Even there, it is not an absolute right.) It does not pertain or otherwise limit what its citizens may or may not do.

Xojo is not a government entity and may do as it pleases in this regard. There is no “freedom of speech” here beyond what they allow, and this is true for every business and every person. If you run a blog and someone says something you find objectionable, delete away.

Likewise, none of us are bound to participate either, and that is our remedy for policies we find objectionable. If enough of us feel they are going too far, then we will drop out and Xojo will be forced to change their views or close the forum. This is the free market at work.

I, for one, won’t be leaving. Xojo is within their right to manage this forum however they wish, and nothing they have done to date is interfering with the value I derive from this site.

Can we go back to discussing code now?

10 Print “This is not a freedom of speech issue.”
20 Goto 10

Sorry John, I wrote Josh, it was a mistake.
I don’t understand who is Jason and who deleted the posts.

But I’m very sorry the way it took. I feel bad when people leave a discussion like this, angry.

But, and I’m sure it’s the same for you, I see those discussions in all forum.
Except one, a schwitzerland’s forum. But they were a little number of person at the beginning, not agree with all subject, but with respect. And even if we don’t meet in real (But I meet some), we know each other well enough.

Timer fire when MsgBox?

[quote=36736:@Thomas ROBISSON]Timer fire when MsgBox?

To quote Martha Stewart, “its a good thing.” :slight_smile:

As a former webmaster of a 6000 member world-wide organization, I was pummeled daily for “censoring” (aka… removing cursing and topics inappropriate to a family oriented site)… and as mentioned above “The First Amendment” pertains only to the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, not to private individuals and/or companies… (oh… and please note the word “FORMER”… it was all the BS from the members I finaly not only quit as webmaster… but left the organization as well… and from what I can see… the website has since turned into a cesspool)

[quote=36734:@Thomas ROBISSON]Sorry John, I wrote Josh, it was a mistake.
I don’t understand who is Jason and who deleted the posts.
Jason is an employee of Xojo Inc