It’s about ToolTip use

I put the code below into a Control’s MouseEnter:

// Set the ToolTip String ToolTip.Show("This Control display the list.", Me.Left, Me.Top, True)

And get it just below the MenuBar, at position Left = 0. [outside of the window / application]

Is this the correct location ?

According to: explanations, I do not think so.
( is the first returned entry for a google on ToolTip.)

Actually checked on El Capitan, will check on WIndows and Linux later today.

I was able to clear it in MouseExit Event with:

// Clear the ToolTip String ToolTip.Show("", Me.Left, Me.Top, False)
And this is good.

After some serches: I naturally clear the string (in Clear the ToolTip, above) and set the Boolean to False, but I read nowhere this I had to do that !

User of REALbasic 1 (since a23 if my memory is correct) and I am reduced to that ?